The Team

Dr. William Journigan


Dr. William G. Journigan is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for JourniTech Corporation.  Dr. Journigan has 16 years of experience leading process improvement efforts, is a Master Black Belt, and has headed enterprise wide deployment of Lean Six Sigma methodologies for 40+ companies.  He has led process improvement efforts in Construction Operations, Hospital Operations, Air Cargo Shipments, Science and Technology, Light Duty Mechanical Operations, Finance and Accounting, Contracting, Information Technology Deployments, Marine Operations, and many more.  Dr. Journigan has trained over 1000 personnel from US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, Defense Logistics Agency, UIC, Homeland Security, and various contractors.

Dr. Luke Chesla


Dr. Chesla is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer who faithfully served over 20 years. He is an accomplished Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a robust portfolio of projects from a variety of organizations. Skilled in teaching, project management, coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, team building, conflict management and public speaking. His passions include understanding and interpreting personality profiles and body language. He holds a B.S. from the University of Texas, a M.S.M from the Naval Postgraduate School, an Ed.S, post Master’s degree from Liberty University and a Doctorate (DBA) in Higher Education Leadership and Innovation from American Meridian University. He is also PMP certified and serves as a math professor at the University of Valley Forge, where he teaches Quantitative Reasoning and Statistics.

Mrs. Sarah Chesla

Chief Administration Officer  

Sarah Chesla is the Chief Administration Officer at JourniTech Corporation. She has five years leading and implementing process improvement events at the University of Valley Forge and Navy Federal Credit Union. Sarah is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with experience in the fields of banking, education, religious institutions and administration. She is highly proficient in leading and coaching lean events. She has a portfolio of over 20 projects and events with a realized net profit of more than $20MM. Sarah holds a BA from the University of Valley Forge and an MA from American Meridian University.