Our Services & Capabilities

Change Management & Leading Change

Change requires careful planning and implementation strategies. At JourniTech we use the proven framework recommended in Kotter’s eight step model: create urgency, form a powerful coalition, create then communicate the vision for change, remove obstacles, created short-term wins, build on the change and anchor the changes in corporate culture. At JourniTech we prepare and support clients in making effective organizational changes, while concurrently assisting organizations as they prepare individuals in making successful transitions.

Master Facilitators

Facilitation is a unique skillset that can be learned. JourniTech employs highly skilled certified facilitators who are passionate about turning chaotic board rooms into productive groups of high functioning teams. We help our clients facilitate by using the framework suggested in Tuckman’s stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, preforming model of group development. JourniTech has a proven record of developing high performing teams utilizing this methodology.

Soft Skill Leadership & Management Training

Soft skills are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to leadership and management training. Our goal is to assist organizations in developing and nurturing an individual’s soft skills. JourniTech has extensive experience empowering leaders and managers building skills in: empathy, teamwork, communication, flexibility, patience, problem solving, motivation, persuasion, body language, personality profiles, and time management. Focusing on these areas allows leaders and managers to better serve within their respective roles. We practice what we teach! At JourniTech we develop our own people in soft skills as we consider them arguably the most important aspects of individual development in any organization.

Project Management

At the heart of many organizations is project management. JourniTech provides experienced instructors who are actively engaged in project management and have a robust portfolio of successful projects. Our instructors are Project Management Professional (PMP) certified and have a wealth of knowledge. We teach and adhere to the gold standard framework found in the Program Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK, 6th edition, 2017) written by the Program Management Institute. Our goal is to equip clients to effectively deliver products within a cost, schedule and/or resource constrained environment.

Developing High Preforming Teams Including Body Language and Personality Profile

Team development is the pulse of many successful organizations. JourniTech teaches clients how develop high performing teams. A high performing team is one who accomplishes the mission in an effective and efficient manner. To develop teams leaders should understand and appreciate each team member’s personality profile and what that person needs to feel appreciated. Additionally, team leaders able to read and interpret body language are proven to be more successful in accomplishing organizational goals.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict is one of those least preferred courses because many would rather just ignore it. At JourniTech we teach how to manage and resolve conflict when it happens. Having the appropriate conflict management and resolution strategies in the toolbox allows leaders and managers to deal with conflict in a swift and appropriate manner at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way. Our goal is to empower managers and leaders to manage and resolve conflict appropriately to keep the organization moving forward.

Mentoring and Coaching

This is where JourniTech is set apart from our competitors. Many consultants have experienced instructors – we follow through. That means after the training courses are complete, we provide mentoring and coaching to assist individuals with certifications. To be clear, certification is the result of implementing the curriculum. At JourniTech we believe classroom training is only one-half of the equation. The other half comes from completing projects with tangible results that are aligned with the organization’s business goals and objectives. Our goal is not simply to train individuals, but rather we aspire to mentor and coach practitioners who are actively engaged in moving the organization forward.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

No process is perfect. Where there is a process there are opportunities for improvement. JourniTech facilitators teach customers how to set organizational priorities for CPI, execute CPI projects and how to sustain the initiative for CPI within organizations. The goal is to help customers: understand the role of CPI, use lean six sigma methodologies, produce useful data and apply analytical techniques to inform tactical decisions in a process improvement event.