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100% Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification



Lean Six Sigma is broken into two very distinct, yet synergistic concepts, lean and six sigma.  Lean is all about removing waste, or non-value added steps from the process.  Six sigma, on the other hand, focuses on removing variation from a process.  Together they help organizations do the right things right, or more technically speaking, they help do the process the right way the first time, every time while yielding the right results according to customer requirements.

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At JourniTech we train practitioners. We use a hands-on, computer-based simulation as the thread for the entire course. We use this simulation to afford you the opportunity to utilize each tool immediately after learning the concept. Our aim is to turn theory into practice.

It is highly recommended that you have a project idea to work on concurrently with the course. This allows us to discuss and learn from each other as we work through real projects. If you do not have a project prior to signing up for the course, don’t worry, we will help by teaming you with another student or assisting in finding a project. The goal is to have you certified by the end of the course. 


JourniTech uses the Department of Defense, American Society for Quality and Program Management Institute Bodies of Knowledge as the foundation of our curriculum. We are the gold standard.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Schedule Fall / Spring 2019-20

Date Phase Notes Time Hours
10/22/2019 Define Simulation Round 1 7:00:00 PM 3
10/29/2019 Define   7:00:00 PM 3
11/5/2019 Define   7:00:00 PM 3
11/12/2019 Define   7:00:00 PM 3
11/16/2019 Define Tollgate Briefs / Exam #1 8:00:00 AM 4
11/19/2019 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
11/26/2019 Measure Simulation Round 2 7:00:00 PM 3
12/3/2019 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
12/10/2019 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
12/17/2019 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
12/24/2019 Measure Christmas Eve 7:00:00 PM 0
12/31/2019 Measure New Year’s Eve 7:00:00 PM 0
1/7/2020 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
1/14/2020 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
1/21/2020 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
1/28/2020 Measure   7:00:00 PM 3
2/1/2019 Measure Tollgate Briefs / Exam #2 8:00:00 AM 4
2/4/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
2/11/2020 Analyze Simulation Round 3 7:00:00 PM 3
2/18/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
2/25/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
3/3/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
3/10/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
3/17/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
3/24/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
3/31/2020 Analyze   7:00:00 PM 3
4/4/2020 Analyze Tollgate Briefs / Exam #3 8:00:00 AM 4
4/7/2020 Improve   7:00:00 PM 3
4/14/2020 Improve Simulation Round 4 7:00:00 PM 3
4/21/2020 Improve   7:00:00 PM 3
4/28/2020 Improve   7:00:00 PM 3
5/5/2020 Control   7:00:00 PM 3
5/12/2020 Control   7:00:00 PM 3
5/19/2020 Control Tollgate Briefs / Exam #4 7:00:00 PM 4

SIGN UP: info@journi-tech.com and type “LSSBB” in the subject line (if email) or message box (if on our website).


12 College Credits at AMU

100 PDU’s and/or 10 CEU’s


Payment arrangements will be made through JourniTech when we confirm the roster. When you reply with your information at the email address below it will not ask you for your payment method at that time. Our admin will reach out upon receipt of your information to confirm enrollment and determine your payment method. Additionally, do not let price be a factor. If you need to set up a payment plan, we are flexible and willing to assist in any way possible. We want what is best for you! Do you?

SIGN UP: info@journi-tech.com and type “LSSBB” in the subject line (if email) or message box (if on our website).