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It was a pleasure to work with them

5.0 rating
May 11, 2019

We first learned about JourniTech through the Transition Services at Fort Belvoir. I work with many wounded, ill. and injured Soldiers and was offered an opportunity to attend the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course in Quantico, VA. The course took place over 5 days with hands on instruction taught by the entire team to include Dr. Journigan, Dr. Chesla, and Sarah Chesla. All three are incredible individuals who truly love helping others, especially those who serve in the Armed Forces. The JourniTech team allowed a small group including myself to complete our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from January- March, culminating with a certification out- briefing to Dr. Journigan and Dr. Chesla. Shortly after we officially became Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and look forward to completing our Black Belt! Dr. Lucas Chesla was our Mentor throughout the entire process. His wisdom and patience to see us through was outstanding to say the least. Every time we completed our scheduled meeting he would provide detailed feedback on what needed to be changed/adjustment and what we can do better in future projects. I know without a doubt that every member of the team could operate as good as he did, but I would choose him every time! As an Army Officer I am always looking to helping my Soldiers better themselves and I can without a doubt say that I would recommend JourniTech to anyone seeking a Lean Six Sigma Certification. You will not only get a certification that is covered by many organizations worldwide, but you will receive last friendships and continued mentorship from fantastic people. It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope if you decide to do same, know that you will not be disappointed!

W. Stroud

I had a great experience going through Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with JourniTech

5.0 rating
May 28, 2019

I had a great experience going through Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with JourniTech. The instructors have a true passion for education and continual development, and it comes through in the way they teach the course. They are passionate not only about the material, but ensuring that each participant understands and can execute the Lean Six philosophy. Each phase of the process is broken down in detail, with examples and historical facts to reinforce and give background to the material. It’s never dull as there are exercises and break outs for group work mixed in with the instructor led sections of the course. Each portion of the course builds on the previous one and helps to reinforce the structure and approach of Lean Six Sigma. Our group needed a non-traditional schedule to make the course work with our schedules and the team at JourniTech continually went above in beyond in tailoring the course and class times to work for everyone. They were flexible and accommodating, focusing on giving us the knowledge and tools we needed to be dangerous.

K. Knapp

It is a pleasure to write this endorsement for JourniTech!

5.0 rating
April 28, 2019

I attended the JourniTech Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Course at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in 2018. The thorough in-depth five-day class offered to veterans allowed me to professionally enhance my Project Management skills. The hands-on delivery coupled with practical group exercises allowed beginners and mid-level leaders to better analyze, manage, and integrate projects by using tested evidence-based techniques. This ensured that the projects the veterans were working on were conducted in the most efficient way possible eliminating re-work thus decreasing waste in their respective organizations. I personally applied my newly gained skillset in a Navy SharePoint Project that was built from the ground up; not only did I create the site using half the time typically used by other non-SharePoint Developer individuals, but I was also able to establish training, set-up standard operating procedures, and construct a secure command database now used by 300+ Sailors across multiple states. Veteran-owned and genuinely driven to make a difference, it is a pleasure to write this endorsement for JourniTech!

P. Baines

Loved the teaching and mentor skillset presented to me by JourniTech.

5.0 rating
April 25, 2019

A team of great professionals with an awesome structured educational background, coupled with military experience that make it easy to learn and absorb lessons being taught. The Lean Six Sigma course was microscopically broken down to my full understanding. Loved the teaching and mentor skillset presented to me by JourniTech.

R. Joseph

After taking their class, I am more confident in my future endeavors

5.0 rating
April 25, 2019

JourniTech Corporation gave me the ability to obtain my Green Belt Certification for Lean Six Sigma. They are Black Belt Masters that gave great class on Lean Six Sigma. They were able to bring the class along while conducting a group project. They gave all of us the individual attention when needed. I would highly recommend this class in the future. I am looking forward to going on and obtaining my Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma in the near future. After taking their class, I am more confident in my future endeavors.

J. Hatch